Cooper Hewitt says...

The museum’s first advisory council was established in 1907 by George A. Hearn. Composed of prominent philanthropists, industrialists, and artists, including J. P. Morgan, Jacob Schiff, and Louis Comfort Tiffany, the Council generously financed and advised on collections for the museum until it disbanded in 1927.

Eleanor wrote in 1919 that, before their yearly travel to Europe, members of the Council gave Sarah and Eleanor "large checks to buy the best that could be found to enhance the beauty and working qualities of the Museum." She continued, "with munificence past belief, the Council has facilitated the purchase of hundreds of unique objects . . . which have been fruitful sources of inspiration and in constant use by artist artisans."

After 1930, an Advisory Council composed of Sarah and Eleanor’s dedicated friends, including Mrs. Montgomery Hare, Susan Dwight Bliss, and Edith Wetmore, continued to guide the museum.