Cooper Hewitt says...

Alan Grinberg is a photographer, software developer, screen printer and textile designer based in California. He attended Washington University in St. Louis from 1967-1971, where he studied architecture and art. After completing school he opened his own textile screen printing company in San Francisco called ZOO-INK, which specializes in printing small runs of fabric, mainly for the apparel industry. Grinberg continues to own and operate the company today.
In 1986 Grinberg founded his software management company AG Systems. During this same time he wrote a business management program for ZOO-INK. After developing this software Grinberg went on to create custom software for numerous types of businesses related to textiles, apparel, and interiors. In the early 1990’s he combined these programs into a single package called PERFECT FIT.
Today Grinberg works primarily as a photographer.