This exhibition has been divided in to the following sections:

Bill Moggridge on Interaction Design

Bill Moggridge, industrial designer and co-founder of IDEO, talks about the advent of interaction design.

Robohand Demo Video

The Robohand's creator talks about how the device works, plus a testimonial from a Robohand user.

Modular Prosthetic Limb Demo Video

A demonstration showing what the Modular Prosthetic Limb can do: controlled movements, small object manipulation, tool manipulation and clothes pin manipulation.

Leveraged Freedom Chair Demo Video

A demonstration of what the Leveraged Freedom Wheelchair can do, its key innovation, and a testimonial from one user in India.

STRiDA Bike User Review

A short demonstration showing how to collapse the STRiDA bike for easy transport and storage.

Makey Makey Promo Video

Promotional video for the Makey Makey, a device for user-friendly physical computing.

Roomba Cam

A Roomba's-eye view of the Carnegie Mansion after its grand re-opening in 2014.

August Smart Lock Promo Video

Promotional video for the August Smart Lock, a keyless, smartphone-enabled home entry system.

Nest Thermostat Promo Video

Promotional video for the Nest Learning Thermostat, a smart device for home heating and cooling.

Kinematic Jewelry Demo

A screen capture showing how a necklace can be re-shaped using a digital user interface.

Sawdust Screen Process

A video showing how the Sawdust Screen progressed from digital design to 3D-printed object.

Generative Skateboard Demo

A demonstration of the generatively-designed, 3D-printable skateboard.

Prosthetic Leg Demo

A demonstration of the 3D-printed prosthetic leg.

Hybrid Ekso Bionic Suit Demo

A demonstration of the Ekso Bionic Suit in use by an otherwise wheelchair-bound person.

Universal Design: Myth or Reality?

Where did “universal design” come from, and where is it headed? Will our future be populated with products that work for everyone, or we will increasingly use devices customized for an audience...

Robot Invasion: Are Smart Products Running Your Life?

Advanced robotic prosthetics are breaking down the difference between human and machine, while consumer products equipped with cameras, sensors, and software seek to observe and learn from our...

Beautiful Users | Hacking Consumer Goods

Personal 3D printing technologies are moving design and manufacturing into the hands of users, allowing makers to create—and share—digital files for producing physical objects. Hacking, long...